Monday, May 23, 2011

Your Legacy Begins Today!

I hope by now you have realized by now the economy is what it is and you can't afford to wait around for the economy to pick up before you decide to start living the life of your dreams or venture out and start your own business, nor can you wait for the government to fix the situation.

It is ultimately up to you to take action. So decide today to take matters in your own hand. No one is going to give you the income you deserve. No one else can help you be healthy, increase your finances, make your marriage or relationship feel fulfilled it is ultimately up to you. Only you can make your life better.

Take a minute and close your eyes and envision your life like you want to live it. Okay now it is time to stop dreaming and take action. You cants sit around on the sofa or hide behind your desk thinking money and success will come to you. It’s possible but you must take action in order to get the desired results.

Don't be just a day dreamer. The world is full of day dreamers, too many people, hoping and wishing they had a better life. We need more go-getters. I hope you know that you are someone's inspiration and there is someone waiting on you. They need your product or services. They are waiting on you and you are the only with a solution.

Getting the life you envisioned requires motivation, faith, praying and planning.

What is it that you were created to do?

What does success look like to you?

You have to define success for yourself are you will end up chasing someone else's dream.

Asking yourself this very important question can change your life! It will change how you see life and finding your purpose!

Whose success are you living? Is it yours or is it your parents, or is it the joneses? Don’t compare your life to anyone else's. You are not your friend; you are not your co-worker or your neighbor. What God has for you is for you!

So the first step in defining success is to stop and ask yourself, what makes me truly happy? What gives me deep joy? If I had to speak on a particular topic what topic would it be? What is it that resonates with my soul? The answers to these questions may awaken your dream, your passion and your purpose in life.

It is my passion to help you dream again, help you discover your purpose and create success. As a life coach, I can provide you with inspiration, tools and resources to help you take the necessary action to live your dream life.

Your success is up to for you.......act now

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Exude Your Radiance

LaKeisha Hankins
Certified Life Coach, Network Marketer, Home Business Owner

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