Monday, December 19, 2011

Breaking Through Barriers

Many times when set out to complete a goal we are faced with barriers and obstacles along the way, that prevent us from fulfilling our purpose and achieving our dreams. This is a part of life and as we aquire wisdom we are better to equip ourselves when faced with challenges.

These barriers fall into two catergories: Internal and External. The internal barriers are those that are self imposed, limiting beliefs that we put on ourselves, they include the negative chatter that goes on inside our head and the lies we have been told about ourselves and have chosen to beleive.

For me it was the belief of settling that I should be content with my life and my career. My mindset has always been you choose to be happy which is not a bad thing but my happiness was limited. I settled for less because part of me didn't believe I deserved to make more than I was currently making, the belief that I had to work hard to earn more.

Take time to identify the internal factors that are stopping you from acheiving success. Write them down.

The second barrier is External these are obstacles you have no control over, and prevent us from going where we are trying to go. This could be your job, the weather or even family.

Take time to identify the external factors that are stopping you from acheiving success. Write them down.

Now that you have identified these forces, take time to make solutions and next write out your 30 day goals and write down why it is important for you to achieve this goal.

Please come back and share your insights and your goals. I would love to hold you accountable for your goals the next 30 days. Please feel free to email me at if you would like to participate

Alone we can do so little - together we can do so much - Helen Keller

LaKeisha Hankins
Life Reposition Coach

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